We go beyond just good ingredients.

GRW FOR HAIR has received initial funding from the Black Progress Matters Minority Business Incubator Program.  Black Progress Matters is an organization committed to effectuating significant change at the executive level in corporate America as an advocate and resource for executive minority candidates, pro-active clients, and dedicated teaming partners worldwide.

As a minority-owned business, Black Progress Matters is committed to building a definitive directory of minority-owned and participative companies, including vendors, suppliers, and professional services.  The founding partners of Black Progress Matters have pledged their profits to incubate minority businesses.

GRW for Hair is an inclusive hair care brand formulated for all hair types and textures. The GRW team exclusively selected our luxurious ingredients to transform your Hair and provide a lush wash day experience.

"I struggled with my hair my entire life; I am biracial, have a mix of my mom's hair and my dad's hair. I could never find a product that worked for me. So creating something was my only option; still into my adult life, I can walk down the hair care aisle and find a bunch of stuff that will not work for my hair type. So finding and creating something inclusive to all kinds of hair was important to the entire GRW team." - Gabrielle Dovey, Creator, GRW for Hair

Like most great stories, ours began with a friendship. We met in high school through our significant others, both of whom are DJs. So, we naturally just started getting ready together and sharing/trying countless beauty products.

Fast forward ten years, we still love going out and getting ready together.  However, we are now both working professionals, craving products that will make our daily getting ready process more effortless and everyday lives less hectic. 

  • Gabrielle Dovey, Creator and Founding Partner, GRW for Hair
  • Lexi Anczok, Director of Marketing and Founding Partner, GRW For Hair